Art and Investment holds one of the finest collections of sculpture, painting and rarities within the UK, representing some of the most talented Artists from the 20th century up to the contemporary’s of today.

Representing traditional and contemporary artists within a unique UK based gallery near London; showing dynamic and committed artists at their best and projecting their work to demonstrate that these are the artists to invest in. Our artists are selected based on their reputation within the market; we aim to focus on promoting a select few that we feel would benefit from additional projection.

Looking to build a significant profile for each of our chosen artists to demonstrate their specialist abilities, create a wealth of information about them as creatives for potential investors to understand their work and their methodology whilst creating and also illustrate their practice by using high quality images that speak volumes about their skills as practitioners.

Investing in an artist has always been a worthwhile venture throughout history and if a particular artist encapsulates you it’s natural to collect their works as a reflection of your passion for their art. Whether you are struck by the witty, slightly controversial  and even macabre works of Wilfred Pritchard or the highly traditional bronze figures of Enzo Plazzotta the gallery hosts a broad collection of works that reflect the sought after investments.