Art for Investment is a small yet ambitious company specialising in contemporary art; promoting a specialist selection of artists that have proved to be significant within the art market and have demonstrated popularity amongst investors.  We are looking to expand our operations, taking on partners and or investors to participate in setting up and the promotion of an Art Fund.  A specialist with the right contacts, qualifications and drive will be able to create a fund and use it to bring art investment to the general public.  We envisage a partnership with either an individual or institution, wishing to broaden their scope of products and requiring expertise and knowledge of the contemporary art market to achieve those aims.

Art for Investment’s main focus in on helping artists to develop their work and their professional practice into an investable condition to demonstrate to potential investors that their art and them as practising artists are worth acknowledging as a professional body and in turn investing in their work.

Homage to Matisse The Dance, 5 bronze skeletons holding hands in a ring

Homage to Matisse The Dance

Investment in Art

Investment has traditionally been confined to financial instruments – stocks, bonds, commodities  – where there is a ready, transparent and established market for buying and selling.  To succeed in the art market, in common with the property market, because of its diversity and the unique nature of each item, one needs specialist knowledge. Legislation, compliance and restrictions on investment funds have additionally restrained interest from investors in these markets, and consequently there are few investment vehicles available. The withdrawal of approval for art and property in Personal Pension funds left a gap for those investors who want to participation in those fields.  Recent financial turmoil presents investors with an additional problem of where to invest when cash yields are low, stock and property markets are volatile and there is no apparent safe haven. Sovereign debt default would take these uncertainties to a new level.  The attraction of investment in objects d’art are that they have:

Tangibility – you can see, feel and admire sculpture, paintings and art of your choice.  Who has not been inspired by Wilfred Pritchard’s “Dance Macabre”, evoking time and again sentiments which cannot be gained from a digital stock certificate.  Art has ambience and provenance and lifts the soul and that is the intangible side – something you cannot touch, something that is priceless.

Portability – ever shown your mother in law your contract note showing a killing in July coffee futures – or maybe she would be more interested Isaac Kahn’s Harmony?  The centrepiece at your dinner party is a nice flower arrangement or possibly a work from Frank Edmonds making a point on who you are.  Your grandson remembers you long after you are dead for the beautiful amethyst chimney you gave him for his 12th birthday which led him to become a passionate geologist.  Art transcends the generations and is one of the threads that carries us from generation to generation.

A store of Value   Quality Art transcends national boundaries, currencies and the erosion of inflation and is a protection against the increasing intrusions of bureaucracy in our lives. Oscar Wilde quipped, the cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.  The Ferrari body will rust and decay with time, but Lenkiewicz’s hand on Patti will be appreciated by those who appreciate a truly beautiful chassis.

Adam and Eve, Copper, Figures, Unique

Adam and Eve by Quentin Clemence