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Blast Piece Running Man, halliday avray wilson, bronze

Blast Piece Running Man

“Running Man” is one of Halliday Avray Wilsons key works, it is a project that creates a solid brass structure showing the passing of a man running at seven kilometers per second through its center. The passage has a clean entry point leading to the effects of its projectile buckling and ripping through to the exit point.

This had to be achieved with a series of powerful explosions, their results being assembled to form the finished work. A single charge would have vaporised all the material.

This progressive work by Halliday Avray Wilson concentrates on the evidence of human passage as the purpose in the work , evolving from previous works involving impact and energy transfer. The goal being the strongest possible gesture in the shortest possible time frame. An object standing witness to a positive human achievement of the seemingly impossible.The human achievement of generating enough speed and power to travel through a wall of hard material. Exhibited at The Olympic Village ,Stratford for the duration of the olympic games

Warhorse, bronze, halliday avray wilson


Blast Figure, steel, halliday avray wilson

Blast Figure




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